Repair Process

We get a lot of questions from new customers about how the whole mobile auto repair process works, if we only do diagnostic, or actually fix the vehicles.
Here is how it works: as a new or existing customer, you are encouraged to submit a SERVICE REQUEST, stating the problem you have to the best of your knowledge. This will give us an idea, or at least a starting point about how to proceed with the repair. We will also know if any specialty tools are to be involved in the diagnostic. You will be contacted within two hours to discuss the appointment details.
After we run all the necessary tests, you will be given a quote. We do not like assuming and giving quotes over the phone, especially before running even a basic test for the simple reason that prior testing might not be accurate. Please read on to find out why.
A successful repair not only depends on the quality parts and workmanship, but also on how well the problem has been diagnosed. It is important to understand that a proper diagnostic is of utmost importance and sometimes it can take longer that the actual repair!
We run our own tests, not to charge you once again, but to make sure the problem will be properly taken care of. In the event that you called us first, then you will not need to pay another shop…unless you really want to.
We’ve had customers whose cars were misdiagnosed, and they were extremely happy when they came to us and found out it was not what they were told before.
Here, there are a few things to mention: basic diagnostic vs. advanced diagnostic vs. price.
As stated before, each case is unique, and may involve more or less time to be properly diagnosed.
By ‘basic diagnostic’ we generally mean taking the call and any testing that is 30 minutes or less. Let’s say your car doesn’t start and we quickly find out that your battery is bad, then you will be charged for a us to come over and for a ‘basic diagnostic’, which is $35.
We always use common sense and check on the systems in the right order (first check for battery voltage, then fuses, etc, we will not assume the starter is bad or your engine does not have compression! That’s right, we’ve heard it all).
If the problem is not as easy to troubleshoot (e.g. the battery is good, all fuses are good, starter is working properly), we will most likely need to run some more sophisticated testing, AKA ‘advanced diagnostic’ which will take more time (e.g. compression test, fuel pressure test). In this case, we will let you know before proceeding and you will be charged either for the particular test that is needed, or by the hour (e.g. if we need to run some electric testing, etc). Please discuss the pricing information with us directly.
Specialized diagnostic (AKA Dealer level diagnostic) involves computerized equipment specific to every make. Please contact us for pricing and availability.
You can purchase your own parts, however there is no warranty offered (e.g. if the AC compressor that you purchased is not good, it is not our fault that the work should be done two times! It happened before, and it can happen anytime). Repairs can be handled on-site, or in shop. There is no additional charge for on-site repairs. In case of engine / transmission replacement, we will discuss the options, as the repair may take longer and most likely the car will have to be brought to the shop.