1996 SL1

Customer complaint: the AC was not working.
Diagnose: the compressor was bad..
Solution: replace the AC compressor, replace the expansion valve, replace the filter / dryer, flush the system, vacuum and recharge.
Work done: in order to keep costs down, a remanufactured compressor was installed. What are the chances that the second compressor can be defective? We can say – slim…Well in this case, the compressor was making a noise and it didn’t put enough pressure on the high side, same like the original one. The strangest thing is that we were informed that it started working the next day! However, we decided that it had to be replaced because of the noise. As you can see in the pictures, not only the compressor was against us, but also the weather. We also replaced the expansion valve to prevent any future problems, and flush the entire system. The second compressor proved to be in good working condition.