2002 SL1

Customer complaint: the brakes didn’t work properly.
Diagnose: the calipers were rusty and not sliding on the pins properly causing the rotors to warp. Also, the caliper boots were broken and brake fluid was leaking. No wonder the brakes didn’t feel good!
Solution: replace the calipers together with the brackets, replace the rotors, brake pads and flush the system.
Work done: because of the rust, we had to replace the calipers, the brackets and the caliper pins. As you can see in the pictures below, the pins were extremely rusty and the calipers couldn’t slide smoothly on them. Pressing on the rotors all the time creates heat and the rotors got warped. We installed a new set of rotors along with ceramic brake pads in order to improve the braking power and eliminate dust. The system was flushed and synthetic brake fluid was used.