2003 Civic LX

Customer complaint: brakes were squeaking and not working properly.
Diagnose: Brake pads were completely worn out. Timing belt needed to be change as part of required maintenance.
Solution: replace rotors, install ceramic brake pads, replace timing belt, water pump and tensioner. One sway bar link was broken and needed to be replaced.
Work done: New high quality rotors with 2 years warranty were installed. Ceramic brake pads were chosen over the regular semi-metallic ones, in order to provide more braking power, less noise and no brake dust. They also have lifetime warranty, so the customer will never pay for another set! Timing belt was replaced, along with the tensioner and water pump. The tensioner mounting screw was stripped due to over tightening by the guys from PepBoys! The thread in the aluminum block needed to be redone and a slightly longer screw was mounted in place. Another example of routine work turning into a nightmare!