1995 Tracer

Customer complaint: car sounded like a “plane”; no water coming from the windshield wiper fluid tank.
Diagnose: broken muffler. After a thorough look, rust damage was noticed all over the rear end. The tank was clogged.
Solution: replace the rear suspension, install new muffler, replace all the rusty parts with good parts from a local junk yard, install a new brake line, replace the brake fluid, replace the windshield wiper tank.
Work done: rear suspension, brake drums, brake line, muffler, brake fluid, windshield wiper tank. In order to reduce the cost of parts, only the muffler and the sway bar links were brand new. The rest of parts (cross member, control arms, brake drums, brake line, windshield wiper fluid tank) were in very good condition and acquired from a local junk yard. Rubberized undercoat had been applied on all parts for maximum rust protection.