Lexus! What more can you say? Japanese reliability! If you own one, you already know that you have a reliable car!
Lexus vehicles, same as Toyota, seem to drive forever! Well, if not forever, at least for a long time, and even better, with less maintenance than their counterparts.
Ideally, required maintenance and preventive maintenance should be done at the mileage recommended by the manufacturer.
However, we live in a less than ideal world, so things can go wrong occasionally and you may be in need of a quality repair without breaking the bank.  Fortunately, at Briskers we can help.
We use the same state of the art diagnostic equipment as the dealership and can have your vehicle repaired at a (much) lower price.
Thinking about the quality of the repair? Check out the 5 Star Reviews and see what other customers say about their repair experience. Manufacturer warranty applies, along with a 12000 miles / 1 year labor.
You can browse the Showroom (the list is not exhaustive) and first thing you will notice is that at Briskers we don’t cut corners!
We also provide photo documentation for each repair, a free service that not only shows off the quality of service, but also guarantees the customers they are not charged for unnecessary items.

Call us today at 985-250-0248 or schedule a Service Request and let Briskers take care of the rest!